We engage only in targeted searches.

We don’t just take every resume that crosses our desk and submit to as many openings as possible. We limit the number of candidates we work with and how many we send for opportunities. You are not just a number. Every search is tailored to the candidate’s individual priorities and goals.

We get to know our candidates.

We learn about you, your vision for the future, and the value you will bring to your next role, so that we can make the right match without wasting anyone’s time.

We actually listen to you.

If you tell us that you want a unique once in a lifetime job, we will keep working to find it for you, not try to convince you to take a different job.

We establish strong relationships.

It is our job not only to get you to the next step of your career, but to make you comfortable throughout the process, eliminate the “what-ifs”, and act as sounding boards as much as recruiters.

We go the extra mile.

We don’t just send resumes out to existing public openings; we actively go after new opportunities for candidates. We often meet with clients and discuss new needs even before active searches arise. We work on many non-public and confidential searches, which narrows the playing field and allows us to bring spot-on candidates directly to our client’s attention.

We think big picture.

We don’t try to move you to a lateral destination, but rather get you closer to your end goal. A satisfied candidate is a client of the future. And the majority of our candidates come through referrals from others with whom we’ve worked.

We pride ourselves on the work we have done to shape careers.

We’ve moved candidates to firms where they eventually became partners, moved associates into partner positions, moved firm attorneys into financial and entertainment jobs of their dreams. We value and enjoy being a part of this process.

We provide unparalleled service.

We are always available. We understand that personalized attention takes time. From sign on bonuses to start dates, we get it done. We are straightforward and reliable. We will never compromise our integrity for the sake of “making a placement”. These qualities have served us well and will continue to set us apart as leaders in the legal recruiting industry.

We look forward to getting to know you.